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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The Norwegian BI barometer: A survey of BI maturity in the Norwegian market
Are Norwegian companies best in class when it comes to using information for management purposes? Or are they laggards compared to other countries, relying on gut feeling and experience? For the first time there will be a large scale survey of BI maturity in Norway. The survey will give an indication of the level of maturity in using BI in Norwegian companies. The survey will point out which areas are more mature, and which require more attention, both in total and divided by industry and company size. Is your company more or less mature than the industry average? Which areas are most and least mature? Get useful pointers for your own BI efforts at this presentation.


GOBI2013 will be held in Oslo Spektrum June 10th 2013. When registering you get full access to the sessions, restaurants, cafes, expo and entertainment for the whole conference.
The web shop for conference tickets will ease the job of managing your tickets. Through the web shop you can buy any number of tickets and assign them to co-workers and/or friends who shall attend the conference. Each individual attendee is responsible for updating his or her contact information. When required information has been registered, the ticket will be sent directly to the attendee. Tickets are sent as a PDF containing a QR code on e-mail. Attendees must bring the QR code for registration at the conference site on June 10th. A conference pass will be created and handed out at registration.
Price: 5.900 NOK (EarlyBird, until 15.04.2013)
Price: 6.900 NOK (LateBird after 15.04.2013)
Tickets for GOBI2013 are administrated by Macsimum Event AS
Post Conference Seminar with Cindi Howson and Wayne Eckerson
Want to get the most out of the gurus while they’re in Oslo? Would you like to have a deep-dive seminar with BOTH keynote speakers? Attend the GOBI post-conference seminar on June 11th.
Price: 3.900 NOK (Without valid GOBI pass)
Price: 2.900 NOK (With valid GOBI pass from June 10th)

Questions about tickets? Contact:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strategy is important, but it is the execution that counts!

jan johanson

 Jan Johansson, VP Nordic branch of the Palladium Group

You’ve developed a brilliant strategy that promises impressive results—leaps in profitability, unprecedented workforce productivity, increased efficiencies, major inroads into your competitors’ market share, or improved mission outcomes. But can you execute that strategy—put it into action through the right day-to-day processes, operations, and technologies?
90% of organizations fail at execution. That’s because they lack a comprehensive, disciplined system for managing the implementation of their strategy.
This session describes how to make strategy execution a long-term core competency in your organization—no matter what its industry, where it operates, or whether it’s a corporation, not-for-profit entity, or government agency.
Check out this presentation at the Gurus Of BI (GOBI) conference on June 1oth:

Post-conference seminar with Wayne Eckerson and Cindi Howson


Want to get the most out of the gurus while they’re in Oslo? Would you like to have a deep-dive seminar with BOTH keynote speakers? Attend the GOBI post-conference seminar on June 11th.
Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders Wayne Eckerson, Principal, BI Leader Consulting
How do you bridge the worlds of business and technology? How do you harness data for business gain? How do you deliver value from BI and analytical initiatives? Based on Wayne’s book, “Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders,” this session will unveil the secrets to success of top BI and analytical leaders from companies such as Zynga, Netflix, US Xpress, Nokia, Capital One, Kelley Blue Book and Blue KC, among others. The session will cover both the “soft stuff” of people, processes, and projects and the “hard stuff” of architecture, tools, and data required to create and sustain a successful BI and analytics program.
You Will Learn:
• How to organize a BI and analytics team for optimal performance
• How to deliver value quickly and earn credibility among business sponsors
• How to translate insights into business impact
• How to create and deploy analytical models
• How to create an agile data warehouse

BI Market Update and How to Choose a Visual Data Discovery Tool Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard
As the face for the data warehouse, the BI tool is the most visible component to business users. BI tools continue to evolve to be more appealing, to reach new classes of users, and to speed the time to insight. At this session, BI tools expert Cindi Howson will offer strategies for managing your BI tool portfolio. She will highlight recent trends, the state of the market, differences in core modules, with a focus for selecting and deploying the right tool for the right user. The second half of the seminar provides an evaluation framework for evaluating dashboards and visual data discovery tools.
You Will Learn:
• State of the BI tools market and key trends
• State of BI standardization, motivations and challenges
• User segments, use cases, and tool positioning
• Differences in core modules
• Dashboard and visual data discovery use cases
• Strengths and weaknesses of leading products

The post-conference seminar is open for both GOBI-participants and others. Attend both GOBI main event and post-conference seminar and get discounts.
The post-conference seminar will take place at Dronning Eufemias gate 16, Bjørvika (Visma-bygget), on June 11th.
0800-0830: Registration
0830-1200: Wayne Eckerson: Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders
1200-1230: Lunch
1300-1630: Cindi Howson: BI Market Update and How to Choose a Visual Data Discovery Tool

Check out GOBI website for tickets.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cool BI: Emerging Trends and Innovations in BI


Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard

It’s hard to be innovative when your BI team is deluged with fixes, fighting fires, and basic data requests.  Yet to move from reactive, report-focused development to break through BI demands innovative BI teams and technologies.
In this keynote, Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard and author ofSuccessful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App, highlights:
  • Being proactive when there’s no time or budget for innovation
  • Evangelizing BI in a culture resistant to change
  • Prioritizing innovations that will provide the biggest value
  • The trends most disruptive to BI including mobile, social, visual data discovery, big data, and cloud.
Check out this ketnote presentation at the Gurus Of BI (GOBI) conference on June 1oth:

BI-konferansen GOBI

Mailhilsen - Kopi
BI-konferansen GOBI arrangeres for første gang i Oslo Spektrum den 10. juni i år. Dette vil være den største og mest omfattende BI-konferansen som noen gang er arrangert i Norge. Store navn som Wayne Eckerson, Cindi Howson, Donald Farmer, Timo Elliott og Marc Teerlink er på talerlisten.  Flere nye navn offentliggjøres kontinuerlig.
Over 25 partnere skal bidra til at dette blir det mest interessante eventet innen BI i Norge i 2013. Microsoft, IBM og SAP er gullsponsorer og vil etablere egne spor med talere relatert til sin teknologi.  I tillegg vil en programkomite fastlegge øvrige områder og talere etter at frist for «Call for Abstracts» utgår 15. April.  Agendaen vil bli noe du aldri har sett maken til på norske BI konferanser.
Dette arrangementet bør du ikke gå glipp av – her vil du bli inspirert, lære noe nytt, og møte og utveksle erfaringer med store deler av Norges BI-miljø!  Flying Culinary Circus står for mat på ulike restaurant stands hele dagen, hvor man kan mingle rundt og plukke fritt så mange godbiter man ønsker seg.
På kvelden blir det Flying Culinary Circus Show, konsert og mat, drikke og moro!
For mer informasjon og påmelding sjekk ut
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