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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Treehouse courses

Learning with Treehouse for only 30 minutes a day can teach you the skills needed to land the job that you’ve been dreaming about.

I can honestly say that besides technical knowledge, Treehouse also gave me a certain mindset, and while I generally am a very ambitious person, with each completed course I felt energized to better myself even more.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are aspiring developers?

I’ve been only for about 2+ years in this industry and I could already write tens of pages about what should and should not be done by aspiring developers, but here’s a few:

If you’re offered a project you know nothing about, take it, you’ll learn after.
Be passionate about it. If your brain doesn’t get “turned on” by new concepts, libraries, programming languages, you should not be doing it.
Get ready to learn continuously. The web is like the Universe. Ever expanding. Consequently the same has to happen to your knowledge and skill-set.
Teach others and code forward ( code forward is a concept I came up with and it comes from “pay it forward”; it basically means do a few projects for free once in a while for people who deserve it ).
Accept failure as a necessary step in self-betterment.
Research before asking questions and know when to ask. Putting in even hours or days for finding the solution will always be more rewarding in the long-run than asking a question on StackOverflow waiting to be spoon-fed the answer. That being said, asking has its place especially in a team-based environment or if the deadlines are (as they often are) very tight.
Go to as many interviews as you can. If you tell a recruiter (agent) that you’d like to go to the interview even if just for the sake of the experience, they’ll respect you for that, and will do their best to land you an interview. That being said, don’t just rely on recruitment agencies, show some initiative and contact companies on your own too. It might just be the detail that gets you hired.
Finally, keep learning, especially when you feel discouraged.