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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strategy is important, but it is the execution that counts!

jan johanson

 Jan Johansson, VP Nordic branch of the Palladium Group

You’ve developed a brilliant strategy that promises impressive results—leaps in profitability, unprecedented workforce productivity, increased efficiencies, major inroads into your competitors’ market share, or improved mission outcomes. But can you execute that strategy—put it into action through the right day-to-day processes, operations, and technologies?
90% of organizations fail at execution. That’s because they lack a comprehensive, disciplined system for managing the implementation of their strategy.
This session describes how to make strategy execution a long-term core competency in your organization—no matter what its industry, where it operates, or whether it’s a corporation, not-for-profit entity, or government agency.
Check out this presentation at the Gurus Of BI (GOBI) conference on June 1oth:

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