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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cool BI: Emerging Trends and Innovations in BI


Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard

It’s hard to be innovative when your BI team is deluged with fixes, fighting fires, and basic data requests.  Yet to move from reactive, report-focused development to break through BI demands innovative BI teams and technologies.
In this keynote, Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard and author ofSuccessful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App, highlights:
  • Being proactive when there’s no time or budget for innovation
  • Evangelizing BI in a culture resistant to change
  • Prioritizing innovations that will provide the biggest value
  • The trends most disruptive to BI including mobile, social, visual data discovery, big data, and cloud.
Check out this ketnote presentation at the Gurus Of BI (GOBI) conference on June 1oth:

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