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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MDX Studion Online

Mosha Pasumansky, father of OLAP and MDX

Mosha Pasumansky is one of the inventors of the MultiDimensional eXpressions (MDX) language, a query language for online analytical processing (OLAP) databases. Pasumansky is also one of the architects of the Microsoft Analysis Services, and an OLAP expert. Mosha Pasumansky is well known in the OLAP community for his Microsoft OLAP information website which contains a collection of technical articles and other resources related to Microsoft OLAP and Analysis Services. He also has a blog dedicated to MDX and Analysis Services. He spoke at Microsoft conferences such as TechEd and PASS, and he published the book Fast Track to MDX. As of 29 December 2009, Mr. Pasumansky had shifted his focus[1] to Bing, the Microsoft Search Engine, and is no longer maintaining his active stewardship of the BI Community. We are going to miss him and his articles regarding OLAP, MDX and Business Intelligence in general.

Source Wikipedia

This is an online version of the MDX Studio product build by Mosha. The full version can be downloaded from For discussion, bug reports, feature suggestions etc - please visit our blogg here. Here is the link to MDX Studio Online:

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