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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BI for Customers

BI for everyone, does it sound familiar!

It is a fact that Business Intelligence was dedicated to big companies, enterprises because they have that amount of data to be considered interesting for analytics and BI. Now, Gartner started the idea of Bi for mid-size and small businesses, so they need attention too based on BI surveys. But, have you ever thought for a BI solution in Customer Level, or more detailed do you think you can handle a personal BI solution.
ELA will give you the answer.

ELA solution for Customer Intelligence

What ELA is actually?

Elegant Analytics represents the name of a general BI solution in or group of methodologies in Analytics that adapts to every Business profile. In this case, ELA will provide solution for personal finance and planning of your budget. The name of the product is PFI (Personnal Finance Intelligence). Inspired by the TV Show “Luksusfellen” here in Norway, this BI end-user tool may be a solution for all these who fail to maintain well their own economy and for those who want to perform their economy as well. The purpose of this project is to create a Customer Analytical Cube that would process data for each bank costumer using his/her history for its own benefit and then answer you most important queries that users do against their own data.

This solution will include also benchmarking against an Imaginary subject (Ola Nordman) that can be Min, Max or Avg of the customer’s measures in a certain region, for a period of time, similar age group, sex and income levels.

For having more controle and planning your own economy, will be an extra parameter as Target, so users (bank customers) will put their targets for costs and income a month, quarter or a year ahead and always will be warned when they are about to achieve the amount they targeted.

If you want to read more then follow the link where you can download the full project.

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