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Sunday, March 23, 2014

MH370 flight mystery may have an answer

Data Science perspective: MH370 flight data are crucial

It has been a while and still no answer for the missing airplane of flight MH370. This case may give many possibilities, so guessing by trying each of them is painful and may lead to wrong directions, time consuming and frustrations. So simulating both physical and mathematical model maybe an answer

Mathematical Model

Data Science is newly established profession to solve problems with data insights in high volume of data, so in this case like airplane information systems, weather condition, pattern recognition, path selections etc.
Based in the data above, Data Scientists like me can build specific models to adapt exact or similar scenarios of the missing plane in the line MH370
This may give as good picture what may happen to flight, where may landed, what weather condition we had on that time, what other circumstances occurred and what impact they had over the plane.

Picture: Possible routes

If Malaysian Airport can provide with specific technical information about MH370 airplane, historical data of all MH370 flights, we may find important patterns to solve this mystery. Period between departure and lost signal may give us the distance compared to average distance of all MH370 flights on the same period. Adding weather condition may help us to segments the other MH370 flights that had same weather condition to seek specific scenarios under same weather condition. Route lines are similar to all flights in the same airline, but segmenting them to specific conditions of the missing flight like weather, airplane type, technical conditions, air pressure etc… may lead us to better targets. Technical check before departure may give us information of what have been checked or not and if there is room for possible technical failure. If there is room for failures, we can use data from all technical failure plan crashes to predict the time occurred the failure by that distance also segmented to adapt most the missing flight model.
Big Data technology provides us with the power to analyze big and complicated data sets, and there are plenty of professionals to do so.

Physical model- Simulation

I am not the expert of the field but it can be very smart to build a flight simulation of MH370 based on the mathematical model that we provided here and including other external data that have impact on the fight itself. Sometimes visualization may bring in table other factors that may be decisive in solving the mystery.
These represent alternative approaches to what may help involved institutions to solve this case and I hope they may consider these.

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