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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Derive useful insights to make evidence-based decisions

Today's organizations accumulate huge volumes of data from a variety of sources on a daily basis. However, turning increasingly large amounts of data into useful insights and finding how to better utilize those insights in decision making remains a challenge for most.

To get answers to complex questions and gain an edge in today's marketplace requires powerful, multipurpose predictive analytic solutions so you can learn from, utilize and improve on knowledge gained from vast stores of data. BIandIT Ltd provides a wide range of software for exploring and analyzing data to help uncover unknown patterns, opportunities and insights that can drive proactive, evidence-based decision making within your organization.

Text mining applies the same analysis techniques to text-based documents. The knowledge gleaned from data and text mining can be used to fuel strategic decision making.

Components of Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Exploratory Data Analysis – Get dynamic visualization, advanced statistical techniques and core data mining capabilities to quickly identify relationships and opportunities.

Model Development and Deployment – Streamline the data mining process to create highly accurate descriptive and predictive analytic models based on large volumes of data.

Analytics Acceleration – Generate faster results and improve data governance with in-database analytics.

Scoring Acceleration – Maximize the performance and accuracy of your analytic models.


TaskTrek said...

Decisions must be made in any given business situation. Therefore there is a need for the managers to collect adequate information first so as to make the process easier and quite effective. This is where the process of data mining comes into action. It is the role of the managers to come up with new ideas. .

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Business Services..

Besim Ismaili said...

I agree with you that each business case has its one model, therefore there is not exact general term to create a success formula. Thats why I want to call Business Intelligence Solution rather than application. Solution can adapt business requirments while application not...