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Monday, April 23, 2012

Benefits from BI in Hospitality

Every Business today take advantages of Business Intelligence solutions, so Hospitality is one of them.
I tried to spot the most important benefits that hospitality industry has from Business Intelligence:

- Profile Guest & Business Segments by any combination of criteria. Break out, analyze and compare these segments on demographics, stay patterns, etc.

- Identify your best guests & uncover those with the highest potential for additional nights or services

- Perform Drill Down & Side-By-Side Analysis or filter on any variable with no limitations to “dimensions” and no cubes to rebuild

- Compare alternative target segments or multiple characteristics side-by-side, even if they overlap

- Track Performance across time: Guests, Return Rate, Length of Stay, Frequency, Recency, Room Rate, upgrades, etc. Track by: Division, Product Line, Guest

Segment, Booking Source/Channel, Geography/Property…any variable on file

- Identify Challenges & Opportunities to quickly spot where your business or guest segments are excelling or under-performing. Monitor changes and easily drill down to see the factors driving this performance

- Access Executive Dashboards tailored for at-a-glance & measuring performance, right at the fingertips of managers across your organization

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