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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Business Intelligence

This Blog will contain information about Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Modeling and Data Science including tutorials, white papers, important updates and business cases mostly based in Microsoft platform.
Our intention is open a discussion blog where experts can talk generally about Business Intelligence or can exchange views for particular problems that they experienced. We are going to talk about different BI platforms their advantages and disadvantages, against Microsoft Platform.
Analytics will be the main topic, SSAS will be the most discussed tool and SQL/MDX/DMX will be the most used scripts to explain many of the problems that BI Professionals face every day.
MDX and DMX will be part of this blog too. Advanced calculations that we can handle with MDX and problems for improving time in reporting large data warehouse calculations over dimensions.
Dimensional databases vs relational, OLAP Cubes, algorithms for time improvement will rich our Blog.
You will be updated with podcast, white papers, analysis and links that are important to our auditorium.

Best regards,
Besim Ismaili
Creator of the Blog

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